At FITT 1ST we are passionate about the sport of cycling and believe that in order to enjoy this wonderful sport to its fullest, you need to be comfortable above all else. Whether you are a weekly commuter, a dedicated charity rider, serious recreational club rider, elite or professional athlete, road or mountain, it all starts with finding the best position possible for you. Once you are comfortable, then and only then can performance be optimized.We believe that a person’s bicycle when fitted correctly should feel like an extension of their own body, the perfect union between Rider and Machine. You should feel comfortable, safe, balanced, strong and always in control.

K Scott Judges B Sc. ( Founder / Owner )

Contact Info: Tel: 416-346-9696

Email: fitt1stbikefitting@gmail.com


1450 O'connor Dr. Building 2, Unit 105 Toronto ON M4B 2T8

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"Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me and I’ll remember. Involve me and I’ll understand”


We at FITT 1ST want you to understand your bike fit, that's why we take the extra time to actively involve you in all aspects of the procedure. This way we establish quality communication and feedback.

Our fitting process was developed by the leaders and pioneers in this industry, taught at the SICI Institute to the TOP FITTERS IN THE WORLD. Although our system uses well established scientific criteria as its base we add a very “Rider Centric “ component to our fit procedure by establishing a thorough personalized profile of the rider themselves.

There are no “quick fixes” if a bike fit is done correctly, and that is why our fits are very comprehensive.

Whether you are a pro athlete or a daily commuter, the process remains the same and is equally important for all.

By the time your fit is complete you should not only feel totally satisfied with your new position, you will also have a much greater knowledge and better understanding of how your body and your bicycle work together. You and the bicycle become one. This is how the cycling experience is maximized.

Full FITT Procedure

Step 1: Interview

The fit begins with an extensive interview to establish a personal blueprint of the uniqueness you bring to the bike.

We will gather information about your life off the bike that relates directly to your comfort, efficiency and power on the bike. Lifestyle, fitness level, riding experience, prior injuries, surgeries and current physical concerns all play an important role in determining your ideal position.

Step 2: Foot Assessment

This is a very important aspect of the bike fit and absolutely essential for any rider who uses a clipped in pedal system. The interface between the foot, shoe, cleat and pedal is where it all begins. This is where all your power and efficiency originates.

This is also the source for the majority of foot, knee, hip and sometimes lower back issues that we encounter. Foot size and shape, degree of pronation, arch type, length and height, forefoot and posterior foot varus and valgas and metatarsal support are all evaluated here.

Step 3: Flexibility and Postural Assessment

Everyone has a unique body structure, determined by genetics, how we live our lives, and even what we do for a living. A person who sits in front of a computer all day will have a much different range of motion and flexibility than the fitness trainer, even if they were born identical twins. Chances are they would not be comfortable in the same position on the bike as well. Postural alignment, leg length differences, pelvic asymmetries, spinal flexibility, hamstring flexibility, and hip flexion range of motion, IT bands and internal hip flexors will all be assessed.

Step 4: On Bike Assessment

Everything we do on the bike is to ensure that the bike fits you. It makes more sense to change a stem, saddle position or handle bar position than to force one's body into a position that is unnatural. This process will result in a position that accommodates all of your natural bio-mechanics, removing excess pressure on all your joints.

Foot stability, cleat alignment, ankling pattern, knee tracking, pelvic angle, upper body alignment, arm and hand positions will all be optimized to ensure that you will be riding safely and comfortably for your current skill and fitness level. We will be asking for your feedback continually through this phase.

Step 5: Evaluation and Recommendations

We will do our best to adapt your existing equipment to you. However there may be changes that we will recommend to you. A new handlebar with shallower reach and drop to accommodate your arm and hand position, a different saddle that fits your body and riding style better or something as small as adding a wedge to one of your cleats. Any one of these small changes can make a world of difference in your ability to enjoy, perform well and ride safely on the bike.

If your bike is just the wrong size and or geometry for you, we will tell you so, and give you advice on what manufacturers makes, models and size would be a much better fit for you and your style of riding.

All of your data will be recorded, so that you will have a permanent record of all the key bike measurements.

To book a fitting contact:

or call Scott Judges at 416-346-9696

Thursday, February 11, 2016


Pleased to announce that my new studio is open for business at :

1450 O'Connor Dr. Building 2 Unit 105, Toronto M4B 2T8 ( see map on main page )

Today's victim  Dan L
I will be holding an Open House on Saturday Feb 20th from 10:00 am - 3:00 pm. Refreshments and complimentary advise will be served and there will be a special one day only 50% off sale on all remaining in stock 2015 Outwet High Tech Performance Wear products. You will also have the opportunity to order anything from the 2016 Catalog at 25% off for delivery in early April. There are several new exciting carbon products in the line up for 2016

                                                      Here are the specific directions on how to get to the studio itself:
Once you get to 1450 O'Connor Dr. turn in to the driveway immediately south of Tim Horton's.You will go past a Guardian Drug store on the left and the Tim Horton's on the right and straight ahead you will see 1450 O'Connor Dr Building 2 in behind. 

My unit is located on the far left hand side of Building 2 on the main floor. 

Enter through the double doors on the far left side of the building and I am the first door on the left. You will be able to see the FITT 1ST. com decals on the windows of my unit from the parking lot.

The new location has an abundance of natural light and plenty of FREE parking right outside the door.

Bring your friends, hope to see you all, and if I don't have a great cycling season in 2016.

Friday, January 29, 2016


Exciting news, I'm moving my studio to a new location in the City, Plenty of free parking, YEAH!! and a lot more convenient location for all my clients. I think you will like it.

More info coming soon


The Toronto International Bike show is just a little over a month away and I think I've only shoveled snow once so far. My bike has barely gotten dirty on my commutes to and from the studio and I still have my regular tires on. Not like last year where I was cleaning the bike every day and using studded tires for most of Jan, Feb and Mar.

If you are planning to buy a new bike this Spring and you are thinking of possibly picking one up at the bike show, then Now is the time that you should be thinking of having a Sizing Cycle fit done. That way you can go to the Show knowing exactly which size and geometry bike best matches your cycling needs and body type. You will also find out what size handlebars and stem length are best as well as the best saddle. That way you can negotiate to have the parts exchanged if necessary prior to sealing the deal

No more guessing whether the bike is right for you when the retailer is putting pressure on you to buy that great deal.

Sizing fits take approx. 1.5 hrs and cost $139.00. Great value for peace of mind

Get FITT before you COMMIT

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

" LEST WE FORGET " Remembrance Day Nov 11th

On my way to the studio this morning, I rode past the Manufacturer's Life Insurance building in Toronto and was very emotionally moved by what I saw. .

There are 11,483 Canadian flags on the front lawn of this building and were planted as a gesture of thanks and remembrance for all of Canada's fallen soldiers since the days of the Boar war up until the present. They are a tribute to our fallen heroes and their families whose sacrifices for our freedom will never be forgotten.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Helping people reach their full potential and enjoy the sport. I can not think of a more rewarding profession, and for that I feel truly blessed

Scott... the "Bike Whisperer"

Hi Scott.

It's been a while since you helped me with my track bike set up.  But since you got me set up in a much more comfortable and aggressive set up, things feel much better.  So much so that last weekend I managed 2 silver medals at the National championships in Masters A. Looking back on my racing this year over last, I realize just how much I was cutting off my diaphragm and limiting my breathing in my old set up. With your help and sponsorship to the team this year I was able to reach my potential, so thank you for that.

I have been telling a few riders at the track about the work you did with my set up and I couldn't be happier with it.  Hopefully you get a few new track bike setups as a result.

Any ways thank you again for your help and let me know if you want any testimonial or content for your website. I'd be happy to help since you have helped me so much.

Mark Gilligan

Hi Scott

Paolo here.

Took the bike out a couple of times now.  Wow what a difference.

Bye bye neck strain (for the most part), and the lower back issue I was having is gone.  I used to get off the bike after 40k and be bent over, because it was too painful to straighten my back at first.  Now I simply get off the bike, and my back does not feel tight.  

Definitely a big improvement in general. 

I am looking forward to getting those before and after adjustment sheets you mentioned, as I now am hooked on to the power of proper fitting.

Thanks so much Scott,

Hey Scott,

I went on a 1.5h loop up Royal York that I like to do in the mornings. It was magical! Not even a trace of pain in my knee or anywhere else for that matter. I feel very connected to the bike and all that stuff people always say, but what I couldn’t really tell during our session was how much better my spin is.

As you know, I ride fixed gear, descending is so fluid now. I always used to feel like I was fighting the bike trying not to bounce during fast spins, now it feels like the air is all that’s holding me back. Spinning is the best part of riding fixed gear on the road and now thanks to you my spin has gotten 10 times better!

Finally, another aspect that wasn’t so clear during the session is how much better being out of the saddle feels now. I guess with the longer stem and improvements you did with my feet, whatever the case, it feels very natural to be out of the saddle now, I’m not fighting the bike all the time and straining to move my feet into the right position.

I’m looking forward to finally be able to get into the season and start bringing on the hours again!

Thanks and take care,

Carsten Nielsen

Monday, November 2, 2015


The answer to this question is very simple, get a Sizing Fitt done before you purchase and it could save you up to the value of your entire purchase.

How is that possible you say...

As a professional bike fitter, I see a lot of cyclists of all levels of ability and discipline and one comment comes up more often than any other.

"I wish I had come to see you before I bought my bike, It would have saved me a lot of hassle and money"

Some were riding bikes that were not even close to the right size for them and had to purchase a new bike before I could fit them properly. If they had come to have a sizing cycle fitt done beforehand, they would have saved themselves the entire cost of the new bike.

Some clients have bikes that are the wrong geometry or size for their morphology or flexibility and strength and although I can usually get the bike to fit them, the handling is substantially negatively impacted and the visual appearance of the bike is not pleasing. We have a name in the Industry for these type of bikes " Frankenstein Bikes". You've all seen them,  Weird high angled , short or long stems with lots of spacers underneath to compensate for a bike that had too low a head tube for the rider, 

Having to put on reverse angled seat posts and slide the saddle all the way forward in order to get the riders knees in the correct position because the bike they were sold had either too long a top tube or too layed back a seat tube angle for them

Saddles that feel like you are sitting on a bed of nails, handlebars that are way too wide causing all sorts of comfort issues in the upper body.

All these issues cost hundreds of $$ to remedy, and you end up with a bike that handles badly and looks like H---.

Not a pleasant experience when bikes routinely run in the $3000.00 - $10,000 price range now

By getting a sizing cycle fitt done prior to your purchase you will know exactly what you need to know to purchase your bike with confidence and not have to change or upgrade any parts afterwards at big costs.

What is the best size and  geometry for your specific build and riding style
Which makes of bikes best suit me
What is the best size and shape of saddle for you
What handlebar size and shape is best for you
What crank length is best
What stem length is ideal

Your negotiating power goes up because you will know exactly what you need and if the bike doesn't come with the size parts you need you may be able to get them exchanged as part of the deal and not have to pay extra to have them changed after the purchase. Bike shops will bend a little more and exchange parts for free in order to get the sale 

You will also learn how to read bicycle geometry charts, so that you can be better informed on how to compare different Manufacturers bikes

One brands size 54 is not necessarily the same as another brands size 54 and how does a size XXS or XL fit in the overall picture.

So if a new bike is in the cards for you this coming year or you are thinking of buying one for a significant other, Have a sizing cycle fit done and spend your hard earned $$ wisely.. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


On Thursday morning, Sept 17th,  Todd Reichert set a new Men's 200M record of 85.71 mph in Team AeroVelo's ETA.

The new record is  2.58 mph faster than the 83.13 mph record set by  Sebastiaan Bouwier of HPV Team Delft in  Velox 3 on  September 14th, 2013.

On Friday evening, Sept 18th, Todd set another record at 86.50 mph in ETA. 

On Saturday evening, Sept 19th, Todd went even faster, recording 86.65 mph. (139.45 kph)

Todd contacted me in January of 2014 because he was having some knee problems that were preventing him from training. I ended up doing a complete refit on his training bike which included a lot of changes to his shoes and feet (see previous posts of Todd's knee tracking before and after his fit.) I also consulted on the design and fitting of the ETA record breaking bike.

I received an email from Todd last week, 

Hi Scott, 

I just wanted to let you know that we've succeeded in crushing the human-powered speed record at 86.65 mph!!
I wanted to thank you for all your help and support with the bike fitting last year. I went through this entire training season without any knee pain on the bike, and I think a huge part of that was due to the fitting work that we did together!

See www.aerovelo.com for more details, and feel free to share our story and images in any of your social media.

Thank you again!


Congrats again to the team and I wish them  continued success in all their endeavors, Fitt1st is proud to have contributed to this world class accomplishment

Todd Reichert (far right) and his crew with ETA

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Welcome back Miranda 5 Races , 5 WINS !!

Welcome back to Miranda Tomenson, who returned to racing after a year off due to a knee injury from jamming her knee while running during a half Ironman last Fall.

Miranda competed in her last race of the season on Sunday at the Lakeside Triathlon in Lakeside On., part of the Multisport Canada Series. Miranda had completed 4 Sprint triathlons earlier this year winning all 4 but wanted to finish off the season with a longer Olympic distance race to see if her knee would hold up with no pain for a 10 km run.  Congrats Miranda, it appears you are well on your way back and good luck in the 2016 Pro season

For a complete report you can visit Miranda's blog at

Friday, April 18, 2014

Nacsworld.com NORCO sweeps Master 1 podium at first O Cup race of the season at the Calabogie Classic

Congratulations to Steve McKee, Justin Rogers and Kevin Davis on finishing 1, 2, 3 in the first O Cup race of the season, at the Calabogie Motorsports Park in Calabogie, Ontario on April 13th. The team worked very well together controlling the race. Kudos go out to Bob Tomsic, Ryan Hodgekinson, Lawrence Akot, Brian Kelly and Derek de Gannes for their important contributions to the results of the team. Keep up the excellent results and have a good race on Good Friday in Ancaster ON.

 FITT 1ST is proud to provide professional bike fitting services to the team in 2014

FITT 1ST becomes Sponsor and Supplier of Bike Fitting Services for Nacsworld.com NORCO Master 1 Racing Team

Meet the Nacsworld.com Norco Master 1 Racing team. FITT 1ST is pleased to announce that effective Feb 26th we will be sponsoring the team in 2014 for Professional Bike Fitting Services

2013 Team Picture
NACSWORLD.COM NORCO RACING TEAM 2013 Meet the team members

Front Row, left to right...  Kevin Davis, Brian Kelly, Steve McKee ( 2012 Master B Canadian National Road Champion, M1 O Cup Champion 2013, National Road Race Champion ( 40 - 49 ) 2013, Ontario Criterium Champion ( 40 - 49 ) 2013 ), Bob Tomsic and Lawrence Akot 

Back Row, left to right...   Jason May, Kevin Tearle ( 3rd Ontario Provincial TT Championships 2013 )  Justin Rogers ( 3rd Ontario Provincial Criterium Championships 2013 ),  Derek de Gannes ( National Road and TT Champion, Trinidad and Tobago ( 50 - 59 ) 2013 2nd National Criterium Championships, Trinidad and Tobago ( 50 - 59 ) 2013 )
Missing from picture Ryan Hodgekinson and Nick Friesen

The 2014 Team members are:

Brian Kelly
Steve McKee
Derek de Gannes
Kevin Tearle
Justin Rogers
Ryan Hodgkinson
Bob Tomsic
Lawrence Akot
Kevin Davis

                                                     Here is the 2014 TEAM KIT

FITT 1ST wishes the entire team success for 2014 and will do our best to help the team achieve their goals

Monday, January 27, 2014

FITT 1ST Custom Sizing Cycle fit

This client came in to me to have a sizing fit done for a Custom bike.  The client is 6' 6" tall with a 97 cm inseam, he has relatively long legs for his height , with a shorter femur length than average. He also has longer arms than average.

Unfortunately there are no bikes currently available on the market that would fit him so he needed to go Custom.

Here are the details of his new frame based on the results of the sizing cycle fit.

As you can see, he looks quite comfortable.

This procedure takes about 1.5 hrs to complete.

Effective Top Tube Length : 66 cm
Head Tube length : 28cm
Seat Tube Angle : 74 Degs,  This is steeper than normal to accommodate shorter femur length
Head Tube Angle :  75 Degs  Also steeper than normal to prevent bike from having too long a wheelbase  
Seat post setback :  26 mm for better comfort and compliance
Stem Length :  130 mm +/- 6 Deg for proper handling
Stack Height : 1.5 cm spacers

If you are looking for a new bike this Spring, whether it be custom or not, We can guarantee the perfect fit before you go out and spend your hard earned dollars

Call 416-346-9696 to book your sizing cycle fit today.  " Get FITT before you Commit "

Effect of Cadence on Aerobic capacity and Power output during racing conditions.

I read a very interesting article in the Journal of Sports Exercise Medicine today that I thought everyone would be interested in.

Here is the link  Effects of Cadence on Aerobic Capacity and Power during Race conditions